Virtual Hub of AGROINNOECO

AGROINNOECO is a project co-funded by the European Union (ERDF) and by National Funds of the participating countries (Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Cyprus) which addresses the issue of pre-incubation in Agri-food Sector (incl. Agri/Aquaculture) as a necessary step for filling the existing gap between institutes of higher education & development structures, for the facilitation of innovation transfer.

It aims to develop an open innovative business friendly ecosystem in the participating countries (the RIMAs), based on the 3 pillars of a "triple helix" approach that will facilitate the identification, maturing & promotion of innovative entrepreneurial ideas in Agri-food sector.


Educational Material

AGROINNOECO entrepreneurial educational program will have the nature of a pre-incubator which is about learning and development within the business plan environment, in which the participants can complete courses by developing their own business idea and getting the support needed for doing it. Pre-incubation occurs as a pre-filter for new feasible business ideas and thereby avoids greater costs and disappointments of setting up a company.

The pre-incubation support addresses the obstacles that academics often have concerning entrepreneurship: insufficient economic knowledge, unknown market potential of the developed products and services, high financial risks and lack of capital and missing personal skills.



Following your training on the entrepreneurial educational program, a mentor will be allocated for you in order to support you implement the business plan of your initial idea. Mentoring is a collaboration between two people, which allows the exchange of experiences, opinions, information and practical advice on a particular area of interest. It is a relationship that strengthens and develops the feeling of self-confidence, reinforcing the professional and personal skills of both parties. Mentoring is used to help develop and evolve individuals and lasts for a specified period of time.

Mentoring requires both the mentor and the mentor to develop and continuously cultivate a good communication, trust and respect relationship with cumulative positive results. Mentoring proposes practical advice that demystify the difficulties and create conditions for growth and progress. Mentoring is confidential, cooperative and helpful.



Connect with potential supporters, business angels and financiers to promote your business plan, your business idea.